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HD FLV Player which has been known as the best web video player among the numerous flash video players available for Wordpress so far has been downloaded around 100,000 times and also it is being used in portals of world famous organizations such as World Bank, NATO, etc. This FLV video player for sure is the best option for a web FLV Player for your Wordpress site going by the superior video and sound quality along with numerous advanced features available in one single package. The essential features that this web FLV Player includes are, attractive skins and design, monetization and easy installation.


Available Features

  • Branding / Ownership

    Get license and own the product

    • Have your own logo
    • Right click on logo. Copyright will be changed
    • Logo position can be set to top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left
  • HTML5

    High quality videos in Flash & HTML5

    • Watch videos on Flash Player from web browser
    • watch videos on HTML5 from smart phone (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Native Language

  • Embed videos

    Using HD FLV Player you can embed your videos on other websites easily. You can get embed code by simply clicking on the share button.

  • Stylish skins

    Option to customize the colors of player's skin, icons, text, etc.

  • Full control on your player

    With our HD FLV Player, you have freedom of enabling / disabling all the features.

    • Enable / Disable Share and Volume buttons
    • Enable / Disable full screen
    • Enable / Disable HD
    • Enable / Disable Autoplay, HD Default,
    • Enable / Disable zoom and timer
    • Enable / Disable playlist within the player
    • Enable / Disable autoplay from playlist
    • Facility to display the related videos on the side and center of the player.
    • Customize scaling of videos for full screen as well as normal scale
    • Video Buffering can be set in Admin
    • Volume of the Videos can be set in Admin
    • Player width & height can be change in Admin side
  • Bookmarking

    It is very simple to share your videos with social networking / social bookmarking websites. You can share with 4 websites.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics interface available for HD FLV Player makes it easy for you to implement Google analytics tracking in your flash-driven content. It encrypts all functionalities of Google Analytics Javascript code.

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The free version comes with a GPL-based license and has our HD FLV Player logo.

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