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Player Settings

This is the global settings for Hdflvplayer.  It has four sections:

  • Logo Settings
  • Player settings

To edit / change these settings click Edit button at the top right below the menus.

Logo Settings

The Demo logo will be removed only if you provide the licence on the License Key field which you can obtain by purchasing it online from our Website: If you are using the free version simply click on Buy now button to purchase the license.

Now you can upload your logo by clicking change button.  HD FLV Player accepts Jpg/jpeg, gif and png formats

Logo URL: Enter your website URL, so that when someone clicks on the logo it will lead to the latter.

Logo Position: You can adjust the position of the logo. You can place the logo in top left / right and bottom left / right

Player Settings

Width & Height – You can specify the width and height of the player in pixels (px)

Normal screen scale – You have three choices to set.  Aspect ratio which controls the player size

Proportionally, Fit to screen which plays the video to the player size that

Declared, Original size plays in original video size irrespective of the

Player size declared.

Full screen scale – This setting affects only on full screen mode.

Autoplay – If it is enabled, video will start playing without asking for user to click play.

Playlist Autoplay – If it is enabled, it will start playing all the videos from the playlist.

Volume – You can set the default volume level when the video plays.

Playlist open – You can set playlist to open / close always by enable / disable this option

span class=”font-bold”>Logo alpha - You can set the transparency rate for the logo on the player.

Skin auto hide – You can enable or disable player controls to be displayed on the player

Skin – Choose one of the four available skins according to your website design

Full screen – Full screen button can be disabled from here for player control

Zoom – Zoom button on the player control can be disable / enable here

Timer – Timer on the player controls can be enable / disable

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