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In case you have bought HD FLV Player in a specified language then all the content and titles in your HD FLV Player will appear in the respective language except the four titles: Description, Related Videos,Viewed and Select Play List Name. If you want these four titles to be changed to your language too then:

Step1: Your root folder consists of a folder named ‘language’ which holds separate sub-folders for each language.Go to the root folder where you will find the ‘language’ directory inside which the installed languages will be present as separate folders such as:language\en-GB, language\ar-GB, language\fr-GB etc.

Step2: Open the language\en-GB folder and copy en-GB.com_hdflvplayer file.

Step3: Paste the copied file in the respective language’s folder. for eg. If it is Arabic, then go to language\ar-GB and paste the en-GB.com_hdflvplayer file in it.

Step4: Open the file pasted and replace the respective entry names into your language by pasting your language word in each corresponding entry.

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March 28th, 2011
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