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Welcome to WordPress Video gallery!

Thank you for choosing Contus VideoGallery for your WordPress CMS.

The genius Contus VideoGallery is downloaded more than a hundred thousand times in the web space till date and used in more than 15,000 sites.

WordPress Video gallery Requirements

To successfully install and use Contus VideoGallery you must have a fully operational web server (Apache is the optimum) with WordPress installed.

Making and Restoring Backups

Backing up your WordPress Video Gallery website is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure the integrity and longevity of your WordPress Video Gallery website. Whether you’re installing a new plugin or theme, upgrading to the latest version, or customizing WordPress Video Gallery’s code, you should backup your website as often as possible.

Installing WordPress video Gallery

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you have a valid Drupal- Hdflvplayer license, FTP access to your website.

Install Wizard

It is very easy to install the downloaded files.  Downloaded files contains primary Component and other modules which is User Login module, Recently added videos module, Popular videos module, Related videos module

Installation Service

Don’t feel comfortable performing the steps above? We offer an installation service that can be purchased either during your initial order or through the client store in the client area.

Player Settings

This is the global settings for HD Video Share.  It has two sections: Player settings, Video Gallery Settings

To edit / change these settings click Contus GallerySettings below the settings menu.

Manage Videos

To add videos in Contus VideoGallery.

HD FLV Player accepts both streaming and normal way of playing videos.

Manage Sidebar Widgets

In the contus video Gallery there are totally three widgets:

Client Side View!

Plug-in Codes

1. To display Video Gallery, use the following plug-in code.


2. To display player on the page/post, use any of the following plug-in codes.

[hdplay id=1 playlistid=1 width=250 height=400 ] or  [hdplay playlistid=2 ] or [hdplay]


- playlistid (optional).
- width and height (optional).
- video id will be generated for each video you add in backend/admin.

Side Widgets

The side widgets contain Featured, Recent and Popular Videos.

There are totally three pages

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