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Welcome to Joomla-HD FLV Player!

Getting Started

Features – Review our features to feel sure that Joomla-HD FLV Player is your perfect choice.

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Joomla-HD FLV Player Requirements

To successfully install and use HD FLV Player for Joomla you must have a fully operational web server (Apache is the optimum) with Joomla installed.

HD FLV Player has been successfully tested and it resulted desirably on many variants within the main three OS for Windows, Linux with Joomla installed. It might as well work on other platforms but this is less well documented.

Creating Backups

Creating back up for your Joomla HD FLV Player website is the foremost step you need to take to ensure integrity and safety. Irrespective of whether you are installing new plugins or upgrading versions or customizing the code, you are expected to back up your site as often as possible.

Installing Joomla-HD FLV Player

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you have a valid Joomla- HD FLV Player license, FTP access to your website.

Where to get Joomla-HD FLV Player

Install Wizard

It is very easy to install the downloaded files.

  • Log on to Joomla! Administration page.
  • Extensions -> Install/Uninstall -> Choose file

Installation Service

Don’t feel easy performing the steps above? We offer an installation service that can be purchased either during your initial order or through the client store in the client area.

Configuration Joomla-HD FLV Player!

After installing the Component and necessary extensions go to Components -> HD FLV Player to access the HD FLV Player control panel which would look like below:

2.1.1 Videos

2.1.2 Settings

2.1.3 Playlist

2.1.4 Language Settings


This is the first tab and it is responsible to add videos in to our component.
HD FLV Player accepts both streaming and normal way of playing videos. By default it is set to none where you can add videos through following methods: Upload, Direct URL, YouTube URL and FFMPEG.


This is the global settings for HD FLV player. It has four sections: Player settings, Logo Settings, YouTube Settings and Ads settings.

To edit / change these settings click edit button at the top right below the menus.


You can create a playlist by which you can categorise the videos. You can add multiple videos to a particular category (playlist) and can assign the playlist to the individual modules or plugin to use players on different pages with different playlist.

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