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Welcome to HD FLV Player

Welcome to HD FLV Player, HD FLV Player is an Video plugin that helps you build your own customized website. If you have a pre-existing site where you want to have a video plugin, please follow the instructions below.

Creating Backups

Creating back up for your HD FLV Player website is the foremost step you need to take to ensure integrity and safety. Irrespective of whether you are installing new plugin or upgrading versions or customizing the code, you are expected to back up your site as often as possible.

Installing HD FLV Player

Step 1: Download the HDFLVPlayer Zip

You may already downloaded it from or you can download the from and it will take 1 minute to configure your website by following few steps below.

Step 2: Upload HD FLV Player Files to Website

Extract the zip file and transfer all the files to your site root folder in a separate folder named “hdflvplayer” so that hdplayer.swf will be in

Step 3: Embed Player Code into HTML/PHP

Make sure to include swfobject.js inside your <head> tag as below:

<script type="text/javascript" src="hdflvplayer/swfobject.js"></script>

Please find the below code to embed the player in any html/php files.

<div name='mediaspace' id='mediaspace'>
<script type="text/javascript">
var s1 = new SWFObject ('hdflvplayer/hdplayer.swf', 'player', '640', '360', '9');
s1.addParam ('allowfullscreen', 'true');
s1.addParam ('allowscriptaccess', 'always');
s1.addParam ('wmode', 'transparent');
s1.write ('mediaspace');

Note: We have given sample video link of ours for the variable ‘file’ and you can replace with your own youtube video link or any valid video url like “″.

For more player configuration please visit

Install Wizard

Step 1: Extract Zip file

unzip the file you downloaded and copy the contents into a folder called ‘hdflvplayer’ at the root of your website.

Step 2: Open Extracted file

Installation Service

Don’t feel comfortable performing the steps above? We offer an installation service that can be purchased either during your initial order or through the client store in the client area.

Ads Configuration

Playing pre-roll, post-roll ads using xml
1. Open HD FLV Player – xml – ads.xml.

Mid-roll Ads Configuration

Playing mid-roll ads using xml

  1. Open HD FLV Player – xml – midroll.xml

Example of code which plays videos from flashvars

1. Open index.html in your favorite editor.

2. You will be able to find the following code snippet.

Example of code which plays Pre, Post ads from flashvars

1. Open index.html in your favorite editor.

2. You will be able to find the following code snippet.

Example of code which plays rtmp server files from flashvars

1. Open index.html in your favorite editor.

2. You will be able to find the following code snippet.

© Copyrights 2015 HD FLV Player - All Rights Reserved


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