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HD FLV: The Magic Spell For Internet Movie Watching

April 14th, 2011 No comments

The internet movie freaks were frustrated when they spent a hard time trying to watch Hollywood hits and world cinema in that poor video quality and noise filled sound. The pioneers who introduced online movie watching were all in frowning faces when they found this clarity issue a major threat. When they settled with uploading high quality videos the quality issue was solved. But how long it took to stream? People had to wait almost an hour to watch a 10 minute video.

All that we needed was a solution which would let us upload high quality videos in low data size. This requirement dictated research that gave the solution: optimizing the codec without tampering much with the quality of the video. Thus the solution was to upload videos with the same old formats but in a new different codec. And that new codec that produced great quality, happened to be the H.264. After this discovery the fate of online video watching changed. Whatever the format of the video is, H.264 (High Definition) enhanced its quality significantly. The Flash Video aka FLV format is rightly the first choice for online videos today thanks to its low data size. Even users of low bandwidth could have relatively faster streaming with this format.

HD Flash Players have become a mandatory component for all  informative websites today. The tech-savvy Contus Support is  repeatedly making efforts to improve the user experience of its  super hit web FLV player: HD FLV Player which has been released  for all the popular CMSs such as: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress,  Magento, Zencart etc.

Be it a trailer or a full length movie, HD FLV player is probably  the best choice for online movie sites. Check out how the trailer of  the romantic drama ‘Escape’ looks like in our HD FLV Player  Demo: http://www.hdflvplayer.net/hd-flv-player-demo.php

The features rich HD FLV Player is all set to give your users ‘theatre like’ quality in movie watching and a stunning user experience.

What is Contus Support’s next step?

We are continuing to research on  ’high quality video streaming in low bandwidth’, which if yields fruitful results, will revolutionize the online video sharing drastically. The good old saying: Nothing is impossible!

Contus HD FLV Player: A Milestone In High Quality Video Streaming

April 4th, 2011 1 comment

HD FLV Player is one of the most successful products developed in Contus Support Interactive. The foremost point that has dictated all our strategy points in developing this super hit web FLV player is that ‘people won’t love ‘quality with more time’ anymore; they will love only ‘quality in less time’, which otherwise means ‘HD in less streaming time’. The H.264 codec was a boon to feed quality to any format of video and became the other name for High Definition visual clarity. We aimed and created the world’s best HD flash player and this has been favored throughout the globe by users who were looking for superior visual quality:

The HD codec and FLV obviously seemed to be the best combination to produce best quality for each video in lower file size and when we successfully combined them to create this brilliant HD flash player we witnessed nothing but ‘outstanding quality’ both in terms to video and sound clarity. This fruition was followed by HD FLV Player being developed for all popular CMSs such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Zencart and Magento. This HD flash player from Contus now holds No. 1 position and is expected to retain it for years to come. Right now it is highly sought after for the famous E-Commerce CMS, Magento:

Portals of world famous organizations such as World Bank, NATO etc are using HD  FLV  Player for its laudable quality and performance. Our Products Team is  repeatedly  making efforts to improve the end user’s experience and adding new  innovative  features. In fact it has been almost a few months now since we started  research work on  high quality video streaming in low bandwidth. The outcome of  this research would  enable us to expand the horizon for online video sharing and  provide high quality  video streaming in less time.

Videos are the most effective medium to communicate, share and market ideas,  products and services and they have become the frontline and the most favored form of communication since they allow users to experience what we try to project. It is high time that you have a good web video player in your site for better conversion rates than the normal sources such as text based content. The best choice to implement this most efficient way of playing HD videos in your website is to get and install high quality HD flash players like that of Contus’ HD FLV Player.

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