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Magento Facebook App – The Ultimate Merchant Leader Solution for Online Businesses

February 23rd, 2012 No comments

Social media has transformed the way business is done. Every business embark upon popular social networking websites like Facebook to disseminate in the competitive world. Nowadays, a Facebook fan page has become a business etiquette. Businesses use this social medium to get immediate access to a large user base, and consider this as a platform to provide real time update about launches, product updates and business growth. Fan pages allows the store owners to interact with customers and develop a friendly relation so as to sustain the customers throughout. Nevertheless, fan pages for businesses are outdated. To show effective business growth, bring your entire storefront to Facebook.

The Magento Facebook App is a classic Magento extension beautifully crafted to feed the above need. The extension is listed in Magento connect http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/facebook-store-app.html and is ready for purchase from our website.

On installing the Magento Facebook App extension, the Magento store owners can make their store live on Facebook, allowing users to directly purchase from the Facebook store and complete shopping without having to log into the store. The brilliance of the extension is that any purchase made through the Facebook store will reflect on the users Facebook wall with details, thus promoting the product to the user’s network and successfully widening your user base- the most preferred social media promotion technique.

By bringing your entire store on Facebook, you give the Facebook geeks the facility to browse your store by staying in Facebook. The Magento Facebook App extension enables product management on Facebook through the same admin panel of the web store. The extension delivers an elegant looking Facebook shop dressed up with attractive banner and customer friendly interface. Use the Facebook store app and convert the Facebook audience to active customers and utilize the biggest social platform for your business.

Apptha Releases Social Pinboard – Pinterest Clone Script in Joomla CMS !!

February 23rd, 2012 1 comment

If you have been using Pinterest for a while and thinking about starting your own social sharing website like the Pinterest, our latest update will certainly elate you. We are delighted to bring to you the new Pinterest Clone. This Joomla component can be used to create an online social networking site dedicated to image sharing and video sharing. The Joomla Pinterest Clone Script includes an interface and functionality quite similar to Pinterest website, which eventually gives an opportunity to to run a fully functional social site without much hardships.

Apptha Pinterest Clone Script


The Joomla Social Share plugin is tagged with several utile features. To highlight a few,

- Allows users to create board on any topics, share and manage images/videos on topics
- Supports “invitation-only” process – allows users to register only upon invitation.
- Create any number of boards on diverse topics
- Add any number of pins(images/videos) to boards
- Facility to repin the pins that attracts users
- Login with Facebook and Twitter account
- Allow users to invite friends, find friends, edit profile settings and manage boards, pins and likes
- Shows all categories pins under “Everything” in home page
- Categorize most liked pins/ most re-pinned items as popular
- “Pin It” button to start pinning images/videos on board.
- “Follow” button to follow other users pin boards and activities.
- Effective admin management

The Pinterest script incorporates a design which takes social sharing to next level. With 100% visible source code, any type of enhancement is possible as per your requisite. After successful installation and configuration, you are set to run your own social pinboard which allows people of various demographics from different walks of like to share their interesting pics, videos or URLs they bumped at while scouring the web.

View the demo and check how the Pinterest clone script looks. For details, visit http://www.apptha.com/joomla/social-pinboard-script or email to bdm@apptha.com

Apptha’s New Release- One Step Checkout Extension v1.4 with Major Upgrades!!

February 12th, 2012 1 comment

Apptha’s latest release – New One Step Checkout extension (One Step Checkout V1.4 – Plus Package). Besides the existing features, we have upgraded the one step checkout extension with more valuable features that meets the needs of every Magento store owners. The new One Step Checkout plus package is out at a new price ($99) while the existing one step checkout extension is revamped with a new design and comes as a regular package priced $59. Check the link for more details http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Magento/OneStepCheckout .

The additive features of the new version are:

-      Display One Step Checkout below Cart – The store owners can enable the check out process in the shopping cart page itself. This allows the customers to complete the checkout process immediately after adding the products to their cart page.

-       Geo IP Feature –The Geo IP feature will fetch the country and city by default.

-      Default Payment Methods – Allows the store owners to set a default payment method in the back-end. The store owners can control which payment method the customer should follow by enabling the respective payment option.

-     Default Shipping Method – By enabling this feature, the shipping information will be automatically updated in the respective fields (Ajax way) when the customer selects the Country/Zip code/State/City without any page refresh.

-       Terms and Condition Tab – Show the Terms and Conditions link just above the Place order button in the checkout page, which on clicking opens a pop up with the Terms and Conditions.

-       Enable Comments – Allows customers to post comments about their shopping experience, which will be displayed under the admin sales order list. Admin has the facility to enable/disable the terms and conditions option and provide title and content for the terms and conditions.

All the unnecessary steps in the default checkout process of the Magento are well addressed in our one step checkout extension. By choosing the Plus package from us, the store owners can even decide which fields to exclude/include in the checkout process. Check the demo of the One Step Checkout Plus package and experience the new version.

The One Step Checkout which enables an easy checkout process for the customers without any page reloads and multiple steps is definitely a must-buy product. Remember, a complicated and annoying checkout process will not make your customers happy and dissatisfied customers never returns!! Hence make use of the best one step checkout extension and drive incredible traffic and sales.

Contus HD VideoShare Sophisticated with an Highly Admirable Feature

February 5th, 2012 1 comment

We continue to develop updates to our extensions’ arsenal of features and this time we are announcing the update of our Joomla HD VideoShare extension. This most popular video sharing script is now updated with an advanced feature – My Channel. Please note, The My Channel tab is viewable only for the registered user, i.e. after login, the user can create their own channel to manage their video collection with a sophisticated video management system. The Channel Page appears as shown below.

‘My Channel’ allows users to create their own channel page, upload videos to their channel , sort videos in categories such as Popular Videos, Recent Videos, Top rated Videos and My Playlists. The user can edit the Channel details that show details about the Channel page such as channel views, channel name, total uploads, about me, etc. The user can add other user’s channel to their Favorite Channel list and view their channel videos. The My Playlists option in the Channel Page allows the users to create their own Playlist and add any number of videos to their Playlists.

A separate tab for Channel Settings is available adjacent to the My Channel tab, allowing the user to control the Channel Page settings such as set the player height, width, number of rows and columns to appear in the category list, enable/disable access to Private/Public, enable/disable any category, show/hide Facebook Comment option, choose video that should play in the channel page by default. The user can upload own logo to their Channel Page which will appear just above the Player.

Make use of the best video sharing script loaded with utile, effacious feature and create your own YouTube-like site and let your users enjoy the charisma of video sharing!!

Smashing ‘Video Stream’ Theme Absolutely Free for ‘WordPress Video Gallery’ Plugin

February 1st, 2012 1 comment

Ever dreamt of setting up a video sharing website like the YouTube/ Metacafe? Want to know how to share your music or get an online presence for your band? It’s quite simple to live your dream. Download the hottest video sharing script for WordPress: WordPress Video Gallery from Apptha,the Best WordPress Video Plugin which now comes with a dashing WordPress theme ‘Video Stream’ which is of great quality and design.


The WordPress Video Gallery is a video sharing WordPress extension which efficiently creates a video sharing site like the YouTube in record time. The video gallery plugin has an in-built HDFLV Player, which is unique for its video and audio quality, shows six different modules, supports video upload from YouTube, manage videos in categories, control n number of videos, flexible video settings and social share icons. The Video Stream theme accompanies the WordPress plugin Gallery to gear up the effect of a music sharing site. The WordPress music theme has professional niche theme design, perfectly carved for a music portal.

The WordPress Video Site along with the Video Stream works the out-of- the- box way, giving all sophisticated video blogger the best music destination. The Video theme gives a multitude of options to enhance the look and feel of the WordPress Video Site such as Show Video Categories in Top Menu, Video Search Option in header, widgets for popular, recent and featured videos, easy switch over to home page content, Facebook comments for videos etc.

Create a music site with the WordPress Video Gallery Plugin to pump in more music lovers!!

Contus Enters Mobile Application Testing Service

January 18th, 2012 1 comment

The large influence the mobile application has towards the online business industry and the mobile industry declares the significance of mobile apps development. However, mobile application testing is important to help you deliver a mobile app that is reliable and agile. Contus Support extends its services to accomplish the testing needs of application developers/ providers:http://mobileappstesting.contus.com/ Our testing expertise’s embrace a hybrid approach to test the mobile application with the intent to deliver a fully functional, high quality app.

Mobile app testing plays a vital role in guaranteeing a successful mobile application development. The diverse device platforms, hardware configurations etc, makes the testing process a mandatory, and our QA testing team with deep domain knowledge and sheer business understanding ensures a comprehensive testing service for mobile application. The central focus of the testing team is to improve the quality of the application in aspects to user interface, functionality, performance, compatibility etc.

End users expectations are high in terms of performance, faster loading speed, touch friendly interface and so on. This engages the mobile application developer in giving a complex art. The intricacies of such mobile apps affirm the importance of mobile testing.  Our mobile testing expertise’s embrace various testing techniques to offer world class solution such as Functional testing, Performance testing, Usability testing, Compatibility testing, Load&Stress Testing and Automation Testing. Our testing process focuses on end user needs, thus suggesting appropriate solutions for the mobile application.

We have analyzed deeply on the best test tools available for test automation and invested wisely to set up our own testing resource. Thus adopt a best in class testing service that incorporates various testing methodologies real time conditions in every phase of the development cycle, focused to deliver the best quality mobile app.

Make Your Store Socially Active with Facebook Social Magento Extension

January 10th, 2012 1 comment

Word of mouth and personalized recommendations show great performance in driving in customers. Social integrations have become a marketing trend in the current ecommerce world. Realizing the penetration of social networks in our daily life, Apptha recently released a Facebook Social extension for Magento CMS. The extension enables to promote your products and store to the consumers facebook network by displaying the purchase details on the customers wall.
The Facebook social extension uses Facebook new thing, Facebook open graph protocol. When the customer login to your store via Facebook account, all purchase details featuring the product name, product information and store information gets displayed in the customer’s Facebook wall. This way you achieve to promote your products to the network circle of the Facebook consumers. The Facebook Social extension enables customer to login with their Facebook credentials in just one click.
The Facebook Social extension enables a Facebook like and Share button on the detail product page where the customer can give a like or share the favorite product detail. The extension provides complete control to the administrator to enable/disable the Facebook share button, show face image of the consumer when a product is like, enable Recommend button etc. The social extension allows Facebook comments in your store, thus letting an effective Facebook integration leading to social shopping.
Help your innovative ecommerce store gain maximum visibility with the means of Facebook with the most effective viral marketing tool and enjoy the taste of success!!

Eliminate Page Reloads on Your Magento Shopping Cart Using Easy Ajax Cart Extension

January 10th, 2012 1 comment

If your customer is made to move back and fro to the main cart page for each purchase, there are chances that the customer does not purchase many items from your store. Fresh page reloads annoys the customers, motivating them to shop minimum or simply abandon the shopping cart page. To overcome this obstacle, Apptha has released an ideal extension for the Magento CMS – Easy Ajax Cart . This extension helps the customers to make purchase more easily and happily.

The Easy Ajax Cart Extension avails effortless installation, post which the shopping cart becomes more dynamic for the end users. It enables the customers to add any number of products by being on the same page, without being refreshed each time. On adding a product to the shopping cart page, a pop up appears with a thumbnail of the purchased product and option to Continue shopping or proceed to Checkout. The extension allows to delete or remove product with the Ajax request. The recently added products are updated in the “My cart” instantly without any reloads.

The extension allows customers to change the quantity of items, add products from category page, and remove products from sidebar /shopping cart page without any page reloads. The Ajax cart extension supports multi store and multi language feature, thus enabling the store owners to extend the functionality for a wider scale. The extension can be configured in such a way that it can be displayed in list page/view page or in both.

Back clicking or waiting for page to refresh is eliminated completely by using the Magento Easy Ajax Cart extension, thus improving the user experience which eventually leads to more conversion of sales.

Fully Loaded Groupon Clone Script Now Available for Just $299

January 9th, 2012 1 comment

Groupon, the most happening business concept in the current online buying environment has motivated many e-business entrepreneurs to start their own group buying website. To accomplish the vision of creating a deal site without much toil and complication, Contus Support release fully functional Groupon clone script at a new price – Just $ 299.

We have revamped the entire Groupon clone script pricing in order to empower all level of business enterpriser to venture into the group buying business. This economical Groupon package is customizable completely since we provide 100% unencrypted source code, thus letting you to enhance the site as per your style. The group buying site script comes with 9 unique themes, one of which can be chosen for your group buying site.

The Groupon clone software is flooded with all exhaustive features such as Merchant login, Referral System, One Step Checkout, Google maps and analytics, Image slide show/Video for product display, add any number of customized pages, show recent deals, upcoming deals, active deals, Facebook optimization, all popular payment gateways, news letter subscription, multi language support and much much more.

The Groupon clone website can be capitalized with the mobile web by providing an iPhone App/ Android app of the group buying site. You will be able to let your mobile consumers enjoy great deals from your site in their mobiles. A Facebook add-on will help you bring your entire Groupon clone website to Facebook, letting the Facebook savvies to shop from your Facebook store. We continue to enhance our script with utile features that proves to be effective and help you drive huge revenue.

We are bringing a small change in our support policy with the motive of improving our technical support for better customer satisfaction. Hence, technical support will be available for a period of 30 days post purchase. Please check the link for more information: The GroupClone script pricing is categorized as per available features.

Adapt a successful Group buying script which is stable and neat and engage in the world of group buying business!!

What is mobile ecommerce and why is the necessity?

January 9th, 2012 1 comment

Ecommerce business are been hit with a successful business wave – ‘mcommerce’. A huge rush among ebusinesses to enter the mobile commerce is a testament itself. For the not-so-techie ecommerce merchants who wonder on the hype over mobile commerce, I would like to briefly describe on what mobile ecommerce is and its necessity.

Mobile commerce is simply an extension of internet to the handheld devices which successfully brings the entire ecommerce store to the hands of the customer. In brief, mcommerce is conducting ecommerce whilst on-the- go. By enabling a mobile store, you are empowering the mobile savvies the luxury of shopping from your ecommerce store whenever they like. With the advent of mobile ecommerce, the retailers are able to interact with the consumers, and vice-versa, from anywhere in the world at anytime through an internet connected device.

Despite of putting in effort and time to craft a consumer-friendly mobile commerce solution from the start, employ a best mobile shopping app, like the Mob eCommerce which can be readily integrated to the ecommerce store and deployed in the mobile market. This mobile ecommerce app help you deliver an Magento Mobile app/Prestashop Mobile app /Joomla Mobile  or can be integrated to any custom store. The rich functional list of this ecommerce app makes the mobile shopping cart a sophisticated destination for the Smartphone using shoppers. Learn features of the mobile ecommerce app .

eBusiness Analysts claim that mobile users are exploding in huge numbers and the mobile web browsing has started eclipsing the desktop web browsing. This makes the mobile commerce ‘a happening trend’. Mobile eCommerce create an opportunity for the retailers to reach the consumers via their mobiles. However simply going mobile is not just enough. Any consumer visiting a mobile site which requires dragging, squinting, zooming to achieve complete shopping does not gratify the consumers. Instead, it develops an emotional anguish and they never come back to the site. Hence, it is necessary to create a mobile site in keeping in mind the consumer behavior, their expectations and needs.

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