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Mobile App For Your Store On iPhone And Android

Get the best and fully functional iPhone & Android Ecommerce App from Mobile eCommerce and give your competitors a tough time.

To the retailers and ecommerce business owners: The decade saw how beautifully the invention of virtual shopping saved a lot of physical labour, maintenance costs, losses etc. for your business. Now this virtual trend has got even better by getting shrunk in size as it went inside the palm size devices of the customers, which they carry with them almost all the time. This has opened up an ocean of easy opportunities for you to exploit. But at the same time there are more fishes swimming along with you, dreaming to be first in place. How do you outwit them? It is a secret most of you know but don’t actually succeed in implementing it: Maintaining a strong technical user platform and having widespread presence.

To achieve the above you need a fully functional Iphone Ecommerce App and an Android Ecommerce App. Of course there are a couple more other popular platforms, but why just Iphone Ecommerce App and Android Ecommerce App first? Because these two occupy the majority of the mobile phones today. You need to focus and provide an impressive Mobile Ecommerce App for these two first and later you can slowly try walking to the others such as Windows.

Our unique solution for Mobile Ecommerce provides you with the following advantages:

-Easy customization with advance design tools
-Works with all ecommerce platforms
-Making it available in App market (iPhone / Android / Windows)
-Choice of templates
-Syncing with website updates
-Integrating with Google Analytics
-Supporting all Mobile Payment Gateways
-Alerts on Special Offers
-Social media share

Developing and installing an Android Ecommerce App or an Iphone App requires a tiny amount and gets done in no time. And as we keep your store on cloud, your app would be online for just $50 or $75 a month. The changes that you make in your website for the desktop version, the same could be incorporated to your iPhone or Andorid application in a flash.

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