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How to Create Youtube Like Website?

March 10th, 2016 1 comment

On April 23rd 2005, Jawed Karim uploaded what would become to best first of all millions of YouTube videos that will stir up a revolution in the Internet. But is it over? Can anyone build a website like YouTube? NO it’s not. In this article we describe How to Create Youtube Like Website.

How did they make it?

YouTube did not succeed merely by luck. It was devised to tackle a serious problem that the founders themselves faced when they could not do nothing about sending a video clip across the Internet. YouTube was envisioned as a video sharing platform where users can upload videos – anything ranging from their private birthday parties to educational videos of heavy-duty machines.

The voting system is what drove the success of YouTube as a video sharing platform. The ‘views’ became to be regarded as a yardstick of how a video was performing online. This give businesses an idea how their promotional videos were faring while giving private users an estimate how popular their videos were.


Create Youtube like website

The Explosive growth of YouTube down the years

Hardly few years from its humble launch, YouTube became notoriously famous as the ultimate destination for video uploading and sharing. 6 billion was the monthly number of videos that were watched in YouTube by viewers from all over the world. Every single minute at least 300 hours per minute of YouTube videos are being watched by a global audience.

Is it over for someone who still wants to start a video sharing website?

The Internet will never be satiated with information supply. Especially for video based content there be an eternal demand which will never cease at any point in time. Hence, for someone who wants to open a new video sharing website, it is still possible by all means. Here is everything you need to know about how to create a video sharing website like YouTube on your own with all futuristic video sharing features.

Know thy Market, Know thy customer & Serve them

For any business finding the stake-in-the-land is the first process to get started, the same remains for a video sharing website like YouTube too. For instance, in the US alone, YouTube statistics reveal that majority of viewers belong to the age group of 18-49. This gives better faculty for businesses to devise promotional content that will hit its mark. While charting plans to create a website like YouTube it is necessary to know who your customers and what their needs are to maximize earnings.

Talking about revenue earning, let’s look at how YouTube is earning its income.

Build Youtube like Website

Generating income from YouTube or a similar video sharing website

Advertisement revenue: YouTube’s prime source of revenue is from advertisements. It collects fee from brands that want to host their videos in prime slots in the site. Further, brands can also play short video commercials of their products before user-generated videos are played to the site visitor.

Video creators also stand to earn from YouTube through patent payouts. In fact, as of October 2014 alone YouTube has paid out literally $1 billion in patent rights to video creators whose videos were hosted in the site.

Custom website or third party script; what’s your pick?

To create a video site like YouTube, or for the sake to build any website there are two options available. You can choose to make custom build with elaborate features of your choice with the help of a team of professionals. Or, you can purchase readymade scripts that can be launched instantly to up and run your website.

Here is what you will need if you are planning to build a custom website from scratch

  • Abundant capital backup
  • Technical expertise
  • Reliable manpower
  • The luxury of time for regular updates and software patches
  • Here is why most video sharing website owners are fans of readymade scripts
  • Its cheap and easily affordable
  • Gives a standard with elaborate features
  • Ready to go, no uptime, no further development needed.

When it comes to readymade online scripts, there a heap of options available in the market. But not all of them are worth their salt. Some charge a fortune yet offer only minimal features that are inadequate to create youtube like website.  However, the video gallery script offered Apptha tops the chart as an option that is worth every penny spent.

Create a Website Like Youtube on WordPress

WordPress has taken over the Internet with an endless number of plugins and templates that make websites look beautiful yet functional. With Apptha’s video sharing website based on WordPress website owners can create their own YouTube like website that will successfully generate traffic.

Get WordPress Video Gallery

Start a Website Like Youtube on Joomla

Joomla is a popular choice for creating not just shopping websites but also video sharing websites with extensive features. The Joomla based video sharing script from Apptha is nothing but the best one can ask for within a reasonable budget.

And there is one more reason why Apptha’s script scores above the rest. It is available in two popular platforms, namely WordPress and Joomla. The features in both the platforms remain essential identical giving you the best of both worlds within quick reach.

Here are some salient features of the script that we found on a rough analysis:

  • Quick and easy monetization from Preroll, postroll and VAST ads
  • Live streaming feature that gives on the spot user experience
  • Comment creation option for website users
  • Provide video creators with the option to brand their videos using logos watermarks on the video
  • Wide collection of free and premium themes to choose from
  • Responsive web design that works fine with all forms of mobile and large screens equally
  • Optimized for social sharing options for garnering more web traffic

Get HD Video Share

Contus HD FLV Player: A Milestone In High Quality Video Streaming

April 4th, 2011 1 comment

HD FLV Player is one of the most successful products developed in Contus Support Interactive. The foremost point that has dictated all our strategy points in developing this super hit web FLV player is that ‘people won’t love ‘quality with more time’ anymore; they will love only ‘quality in less time’, which otherwise means ‘HD in less streaming time’. The H.264 codec was a boon to feed quality to any format of video and became the other name for High Definition visual clarity. We aimed and created the world’s best HD flash player and this has been favored throughout the globe by users who were looking for superior visual quality:

The HD codec and FLV obviously seemed to be the best combination to produce best quality for each video in lower file size and when we successfully combined them to create this brilliant HD flash player we witnessed nothing but ‘outstanding quality’ both in terms to video and sound clarity. This fruition was followed by HD FLV Player being developed for all popular CMSs such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Zencart and Magento. This HD flash player from Contus now holds No. 1 position and is expected to retain it for years to come. Right now it is highly sought after for the famous E-Commerce CMS, Magento:

Portals of world famous organizations such as World Bank, NATO etc are using HD  FLV  Player for its laudable quality and performance. Our Products Team is  repeatedly  making efforts to improve the end user’s experience and adding new  innovative  features. In fact it has been almost a few months now since we started  research work on  high quality video streaming in low bandwidth. The outcome of  this research would  enable us to expand the horizon for online video sharing and  provide high quality  video streaming in less time.

Videos are the most effective medium to communicate, share and market ideas,  products and services and they have become the frontline and the most favored form of communication since they allow users to experience what we try to project. It is high time that you have a good web video player in your site for better conversion rates than the normal sources such as text based content. The best choice to implement this most efficient way of playing HD videos in your website is to get and install high quality HD flash players like that of Contus’ HD FLV Player.

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