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How to Create Youtube Like Website?

March 10th, 2016 1 comment

On April 23rd 2005, Jawed Karim uploaded what would become to best first of all millions of YouTube videos that will stir up a revolution in the Internet. But is it over? Can anyone build a website like YouTube? NO it’s not. In this article we describe How to Create Youtube Like Website.

How did they make it?

YouTube did not succeed merely by luck. It was devised to tackle a serious problem that the founders themselves faced when they could not do nothing about sending a video clip across the Internet. YouTube was envisioned as a video sharing platform where users can upload videos – anything ranging from their private birthday parties to educational videos of heavy-duty machines.

The voting system is what drove the success of YouTube as a video sharing platform. The ‘views’ became to be regarded as a yardstick of how a video was performing online. This give businesses an idea how their promotional videos were faring while giving private users an estimate how popular their videos were.


Create Youtube like website

The Explosive growth of YouTube down the years

Hardly few years from its humble launch, YouTube became notoriously famous as the ultimate destination for video uploading and sharing. 6 billion was the monthly number of videos that were watched in YouTube by viewers from all over the world. Every single minute at least 300 hours per minute of YouTube videos are being watched by a global audience.

Is it over for someone who still wants to start a video sharing website?

The Internet will never be satiated with information supply. Especially for video based content there be an eternal demand which will never cease at any point in time. Hence, for someone who wants to open a new video sharing website, it is still possible by all means. Here is everything you need to know about how to create a video sharing website like YouTube on your own with all futuristic video sharing features.

Know thy Market, Know thy customer & Serve them

For any business finding the stake-in-the-land is the first process to get started, the same remains for a video sharing website like YouTube too. For instance, in the US alone, YouTube statistics reveal that majority of viewers belong to the age group of 18-49. This gives better faculty for businesses to devise promotional content that will hit its mark. While charting plans to create a website like YouTube it is necessary to know who your customers and what their needs are to maximize earnings.

Talking about revenue earning, let’s look at how YouTube is earning its income.

Build Youtube like Website

Generating income from YouTube or a similar video sharing website

Advertisement revenue: YouTube’s prime source of revenue is from advertisements. It collects fee from brands that want to host their videos in prime slots in the site. Further, brands can also play short video commercials of their products before user-generated videos are played to the site visitor.

Video creators also stand to earn from YouTube through patent payouts. In fact, as of October 2014 alone YouTube has paid out literally $1 billion in patent rights to video creators whose videos were hosted in the site.

Custom website or third party script; what’s your pick?

To create a video site like YouTube, or for the sake to build any website there are two options available. You can choose to make custom build with elaborate features of your choice with the help of a team of professionals. Or, you can purchase readymade scripts that can be launched instantly to up and run your website.

Here is what you will need if you are planning to build a custom website from scratch

  • Abundant capital backup
  • Technical expertise
  • Reliable manpower
  • The luxury of time for regular updates and software patches
  • Here is why most video sharing website owners are fans of readymade scripts
  • Its cheap and easily affordable
  • Gives a standard with elaborate features
  • Ready to go, no uptime, no further development needed.

When it comes to readymade online scripts, there a heap of options available in the market. But not all of them are worth their salt. Some charge a fortune yet offer only minimal features that are inadequate to create youtube like website.  However, the video gallery script offered Apptha tops the chart as an option that is worth every penny spent.

Create a Website Like Youtube on WordPress

WordPress has taken over the Internet with an endless number of plugins and templates that make websites look beautiful yet functional. With Apptha’s video sharing website based on WordPress website owners can create their own YouTube like website that will successfully generate traffic.

Get WordPress Video Gallery

Start a Website Like Youtube on Joomla

Joomla is a popular choice for creating not just shopping websites but also video sharing websites with extensive features. The Joomla based video sharing script from Apptha is nothing but the best one can ask for within a reasonable budget.

And there is one more reason why Apptha’s script scores above the rest. It is available in two popular platforms, namely WordPress and Joomla. The features in both the platforms remain essential identical giving you the best of both worlds within quick reach.

Here are some salient features of the script that we found on a rough analysis:

  • Quick and easy monetization from Preroll, postroll and VAST ads
  • Live streaming feature that gives on the spot user experience
  • Comment creation option for website users
  • Provide video creators with the option to brand their videos using logos watermarks on the video
  • Wide collection of free and premium themes to choose from
  • Responsive web design that works fine with all forms of mobile and large screens equally
  • Optimized for social sharing options for garnering more web traffic

Get HD Video Share

Apptha Updates HD Flv player for Joomla 3.0

November 8th, 2012 1 comment

Hope everyone know the significance of videos in today’s world. Uploading and downloading videos over web happens to be the chic these days. Online shopping stores are exceedingly making use of videos to maintain an effective communication with their customers. With the right video player, any web user can play and manage videos in an absolute way. Apptha’s HD Flv player can be one great video player to come up with some excellent ingredients as that of a video component. With the release of Joomla 3.0, it has become vital for all Joomla components to get compatible to this version. HD Flv player is already ready with the point and has been upgraded for Joomla 3.0. The new HD Flv player is feature-rich and is able to play your videos either in HTML5 and Flash.

This highly effective video player component would greatly convince users for having got some excellent features. Uploading a video on HD Flv player is merely simple. The user initially needs to create an account on hdflvplayer.net. Once it is done, user can login and upload videos. As the video is uploaded, the video codes get created. On pasting the video code on your site, HD Flv player will be playing your video in a high definition quality, regardless of the size and quality it originally has.

The HD Flv player Joomla 3.0 upgraded product supports either HTML5 and Flash, and is capable of playing video automatically on Flash if HTML5 is not supported and the vice versa. The videos can be easily managed irrespective of the size of the video library.
Joomla HD Flv Player
Here is a list of features that comes along with HD Flv player product.

1.Can add Youtube Videos
2.Embed video on other website easily by clicking on the share button
3.Support the ffmpeg path which converts as .flv format and generate thumb and preview image
4.We do Provide 4 different stylish skins , you can choose your own skin according to your website
5.Facility to Customize scaling of videos for full screen as well as normal scale player
6.Player can be used as component, module as well as plugin
7.Simple to share your videos with social networking
8.Button tool tip is available with native languages
9.Player can play videos formats FLV / H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V

This Joomla HD Flv player 3.0 upgraded product is supported on all platforms and mobile devices. For those who require a ready made solution to upload and play videos on their sites, this Joomla 3.0 upgraded can be the apt to choose.

Product Page URL: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/HD-FLV-Player
Demo URL: http://www.apptha.com/demo/hd-flv-player

It’s Easy to Deploy Prestashop Mobile App

July 29th, 2012 1 comment

With its structured design and clean semantics code, Prestoshop is widely accepted as one of the best e-shopping platform. Mobile web is all everywhere and hence providing a mcommerce solution to customers has become the major aim of a eCommerce shop. With our new ‘Prestashop Mobile App’, Prestashop merchants can entertain their Smartphone customers by smarting them up with a wonderful app.

This Prestashop mobile app of Contus M Comm is easy to deploy and bring into use. You can have your store logo on this mobile application, so that each time when your customers use this application, it is your company logo that is viewed first. By bringing in the mobile channel to your prestashop store, it is absolute that you win your customer’s trust.

For those who are looking to change their sites to Prestashop platform will find this application easy to integrate. These are few significant features that come up with our mobile app:

Prestashop Mobile App

  • =>Neat Store View
  • =>Catalog and Product display
  • =>Simple Checkout process
  • =>Social Sharing icons
  • =>Newsletter subscription
  • =>Quick search option
  • =>Mobile compatible payment gateway

Account management is perfect with options like new user sign up, billing details, wish list, my cart and more other. Multi-language/ Multi currency support, Google tracking, and customer friendly shopping cart are some unique features in Prestashop Mobile app. 

If you are looking to have a perfect mcommerce solution for your Prestashop site, Prestashop Mobile app would be the best option!

Building Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Commerce Application

May 23rd, 2012 1 comment

The most repeated issue the Mobile Ecommerce Solution arena is confronting today is that many retailers and Ecommerce business owners have availed the Mobile Ecommerce App but are not able to find better ways of using it to its best potential.

What Is Your Mobile Ecommerce App Capable Of?

As a Mobile Commerce Application it is much more capable of helping you in ways to improve sales and increase your brand value. The recurring mistake is: launching the Mobile Ecommerce Solution into the market and continuing with the same strategy that you had for the regular website. The way and span that your customer uses a Mobile Ecommerce App is much more different than those of the Ecommerce website for the desktop platform.

Inventing Loyalty Building Strategies

You gotta use a little bit of forward thinking and invent little strategies to make your brand score a gradually good impression in your audience’s mind. In case you have had a bad brand voice already, then a Mobile Ecommerce App gives you the scope of correcting and reinventing the image.

  1. - Make your app a character (like a cartoon character) and keep it like your Character talks to the audience about the updates, new releases etc. The ‘spam-irritation’ gets reduced this way.
  2. - Assure that the User Experience of your Mobile Commerce Application is classy and elegant. The designer’s gotta be an expert in aesthetics. Visual pleasantness score a immediate impression from your audience’s subconscious.
  3. - Build trust in the user’s mind by not spamming often but still giving ads and updates in a ‘not-so-spammy’ way.
  4. - Studying in-depth the actual expectations of your audience from your product or service. Try to meet those expectations in an impactful way. The audience should often feel, ‘Ah, this is exactly I have been looking for’, with your Mobile Commerce Application.
  5. - Sharing useful tips with the user which are indirectly related with your product or service. For eg. in case yours is a electronics goods store, then share tricks and tips of maintaining home appliances or gadgets.  Show your user that you ‘care’.
  6. - Introduce simple games within your app that are simple and interesting to play. These games should directly create a good impression about your brand and should help to promote sales.

How Do You Assure To Buy The Best Mobile Ecommerce Solution?

Read  as many  technical reviews you can on Mobile Commerce App developers. We assure you one with Contus M Comm
a.Keep your store on cloud
Cost effective. In just $50 per month you can have your own Mobile Commerce Application in the cloud, (cloud computing is the latest technical trend today, which acts as an excellent substitute for expensive data storage through dedicated sources
b.Push Notifications/ Alerts
To update them on New Offers, Deals, New arrivals etc.
c.Platform Independent
Make sure the Mobile Ecommerce Solution that he gives you works on any Ecommerce platform such as Prestashop mobile app, Magento mobile app, Opencart mobile app and Woocommerce mobile app. This is quite a default feature nowadays
d.Post-Sales Support
In case you are person with less technical knowledge in Mobile Commerce Application development or customization, you are sure going to need your app developer badly till your knowledge about it gets stabilized.

HTML5 Support Availed For HD FLV Player

May 17th, 2012 1 comment

Not your iPhone or iPad will support a Flash player even though the latter is a popular web video platform. And there are a few more popular operating systems that won’t support Flash player. That’s where HTML5 comes to your rescue. One of the most recommended web FLV player, the HD FLV player now has this advantageous HTML5 support.

You can easily avail HTML5 support for your HD FLV Player by embedding your content with the <video> tag and wiring the player to it. You will get to select between Flash or HTML5 as the primary playback mode and your HD FLV Player by itself will fall back to the other mode when needed.

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Mobile App For Your Store On iPhone And Android

May 3rd, 2012 1 comment

Get the best and fully functional iPhone & Android Ecommerce App from Mobile eCommerce and give your competitors a tough time.

To the retailers and ecommerce business owners: The decade saw how beautifully the invention of virtual shopping saved a lot of physical labour, maintenance costs, losses etc. for your business. Now this virtual trend has got even better by getting shrunk in size as it went inside the palm size devices of the customers, which they carry with them almost all the time. This has opened up an ocean of easy opportunities for you to exploit. But at the same time there are more fishes swimming along with you, dreaming to be first in place. How do you outwit them? It is a secret most of you know but don’t actually succeed in implementing it: Maintaining a strong technical user platform and having widespread presence.

To achieve the above you need a fully functional Iphone Ecommerce App and an Android Ecommerce App. Of course there are a couple more other popular platforms, but why just Iphone Ecommerce App and Android Ecommerce App first? Because these two occupy the majority of the mobile phones today. You need to focus and provide an impressive Mobile Ecommerce App for these two first and later you can slowly try walking to the others such as Windows.

Our unique solution for Mobile Ecommerce provides you with the following advantages:

-Easy customization with advance design tools
-Works with all ecommerce platforms
-Making it available in App market (iPhone / Android / Windows)
-Choice of templates
-Syncing with website updates
-Integrating with Google Analytics
-Supporting all Mobile Payment Gateways
-Alerts on Special Offers
-Social media share

Developing and installing an Android Ecommerce App or an Iphone App requires a tiny amount and gets done in no time. And as we keep your store on cloud, your app would be online for just $50 or $75 a month. The changes that you make in your website for the desktop version, the same could be incorporated to your iPhone or Andorid application in a flash.

Apptha Enters SharePoint Application Development

April 29th, 2012 1 comment

Apptha, the creator of over 90+ innovative products (inclusive of extensions, themes and mobile solutions) has now ventured into SharePoint application development. Apptha released two free web parts for SharePoint to contribute to the users of SharePoint.

Check out the two free Web Parts from Apptha:

Twitter Web Part:


Twitter Web part allows you to show the tweets of the Twitter profile which you choose to display. You will be able to control the web part settings such as its appearance, provide the user name (the twitter profile name that you want to display), include replies and re-tweets, control the count of tweets to appear, set the time interval for tweet update, i.e. if you set the time interval as 10 minutes, the twitter feeds are refreshed  every 10 minutes to display the recent tweets from the user.

Event Calendar Web Part:

Event Calendar web part helps you to maintain the list of events based on dates. The dates in the calendar for which an event is listed displays in different color. You can add any number of events on a particular date. The calendar web part shows distinct color for the weekends. You can even provide unique name, description and timing for the respective event date. Your event calendar automatically applies different color for the existing events, event dates, week-ends and next month dates for better visual appeal.

Both the aforementioned web parts are totally free and comes with the installation wizard to manage simple installation.

Expect more web parts from the SharePoint development team soon! Contact bd@contus.in if you have a need a unique SharePoint tool or SharePoint Application. We will analyze your requirements and contact you with the best timeline for delivery with competitive pricing.

Apptha Ventures Into Prestashop Extension Development

April 17th, 2012 1 comment

Apptha, a successful venture of Contus Support Interactive serves millions of open source customers with its extensions, plug-ins and templates developed for Joomla, WordPress and Magento. After remarkable success in these CMS, Apptha adds to it “Prestashop module development” with the release of Out-of-stock notification extension in Prestashop CMS. Click to view http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Others/presta-out-of-stock-notification

About Out-of-stock notification Module: 

The out-of-stock notification is a stock availability notification module.ie. Once the Prestashop store owners integrate the module in their store, it starts showing a product quantity status such as in-stock/out-of-stock for the products that the customers attempt to purchase. For the out-of-stock products, a message box, Notify Me button and Enter Your Email text box appears intimating the customers to enter their mail id and get notified through email when the out-of-stock product is updated in the stock inventory. The consumers can choose to get email alert when the product quantity is validated to in-stock for future purchase or simply ignore them.

The Prestashop out-of-stock notification module helps you-

-Show an error message (out-of-stock message) when the customer attempts to purchase a product which has zero quantity in the stock inventory.

- Suggest the customer to get an email notification when the product quantity is updated back to in-stock.

- Allow the customer to request for notification of stock availability by entering their email address.

- When the stock quantity is increased and returns to the status “in-stock”, an email indicating the stock availability is send to the customer’s email automatically who all have requested for notification

- Win back your old customers/ get connected with your existing customers who have intended to buy from your shop and withdrew due to stock unavailability.

Purchase the Prestashop out-of-stock module and enhance your web store usability to drench in the rain of sales!!

New Version of Airbnb Clone Script Released!!

March 27th, 2012 1 comment

We have just released a new version of Airbnb Clone Script with minor fixes and major feature upgrades. The airbnb script 2.0 is the current stabilized version with enhanced performance and enhanced features. Set up your own Airbnb Clone/ Wimdu Clone/ 9 flats Clone with a fully functional accommodation features in no time.

What’s New in the latest Version of Airbnb Clone Script/ Wimdu Script’s?

The vacation rental software now features two attractive themes

-        Airbnb-English theme to get the look and feel of Airbnb Clone
-        Wimdu-French theme that suits well to set up a Wimdu Clone

The newly added features of Airbnb Script

-        Facebook login enabled in the front end
-        Package comes with two themes Airbnb and Wimdu with French translation
-        Supports live currency conversion with currency switcher on the frontend
-        User friendly Ajax advance search with easily search options such as address, check in, checkout, accommodates, price, property type, amenity
-        Facility to communicate the host with inbox, send items and reply functions
-        Facility to rate and review their favorite property
-        Details description of the property with suggestion on nearby location property, host’s other property
-        Maintain reviews of your space
-        Host fees functionality added for each property registered
-        Host can upload their profile picture, response time and more about the customer
-        Service fees functionality added for each property registered
-        Customize the frontend configuration

To find the features list and purchase the Airbnb Clone Script please visit http://www.apptha.com/accommodation-booking-script
Start an accommodation service that allows the locals to list discover and reserve unique spaces for their stay using our hotel reservation script called Airbnb Clone.

Tube Plus App for IPhone and Android Now at Just $199

March 19th, 2012 1 comment

Cool announcement!!Tube Plus – The most popular iPhone/Android app for Video Sharing Scripts has been upgraded with more astonishing features and now comes with a new price – $199 for both iPhone and Android app. Deliver an iPhone and an Android app of your video sharing site to all Smartphone users. This is the most reliable and easy solution to bring your video portal to the hands of the users.

Tube Plus, the readymade iPhone/Android application allows you to give a unique app of your video sharing site by uploading your website logo. The Tube Plus works great for video sharing site using scripts such as Clip Bucket, Clip Share, Contus HD Videoshare, PHPmelody, PHPmotion etc.

A quick look at the features of Tube Plus
-       Offer mobile app for your video site without any going through the hardships of building the mobile apps.

-       Allow the smartphone audience to keep connected with your site on-the-go

-       Supports iAd and AdMob ads

-       Allow users to upload videos to your video sharing site through their iPhone/Android

-       Users not just enjoy the videos of your video portal in their handset but are entitled to rate a video, comment on the video, share the video via Facebook and email, create playlist after signing in your website etc.

-       Provides a elite and unique user experience.

-       No compatibility issues since the apps are developed dedicatedly for the device

-       Optimized for fast loading.

Adoption and Usage of the apps

If any user should experience the app, the user should first download and install the app on their iPhone/Android. Thus the chance of browsing your video site through their smartphones is high since the user actively downloads and installs the app for lifelong use.

The intuitive ready to use application that helps you provide a native iPhone/Android app of your video sharing site is now ready for purchase for this new price. Buy Now

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