The genius HD FLV Player is developed (right from scratch) by Contus which is located in Chennai,India. The value driven Contus Interactive is a global Internet and Web Solutions company with 5 years of outstanding experience and 100 plus employees. We provide end to end solutions in the areas of web based enterprise solutions, Web and mobile application development, web portal development and Internet marketing services with admirable quality. We have completed more than 400 projects for our SME and Startup clients to enable their web and internet strategies.

Bay of excellence

The success of Contus is strongly backed with our In-depth domain expertise, tech skills, strong team and quality service with on time delivery. Quality and customer satisfaction always top our list of priorities.

Hay Makers

With a very inspiring ambience of workspace our teams at Contus strive towards excellence in productivity, quality and sustainability. Contus is firmly conscious that the comfort and happiness of employees are the foremost elements to preserve and sustain performance thus keeping the customers happy always.

The Genius Player

The HD FLV Player which is downloaded more than100,000 times in web space till date and embedded in more than 15,000 websites is the most exquisite high definition flash video player that was designed to play videos in social media sites with excellent visual and sound clarity. It is compatible with any social network site, be it Facebook, Twitter,Diggit, Stumble Upon or anything. Contus developed HD FLV Player with the aim of making it more intelligent and flexible than any other player in the web space till date. Developed in XML, HD FLV Player is a platform independent web player. It fits in so easily in your website irrespective of what language our site is built in, be it Java or ASP or anything.

Expert Support

With our great post sales service the HD FLV Player is even more valuable. In case of advanced customization our support team is always ready to help you in customizing your HD FLV Player exactly according to your needs for a petty cost. With the best of features, controls, flexibility and compatibility HD FLV Player is your ultimate web player.




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